My idea of a good teacher is one who makes each individual student feel special.  A good teacher is willing to work one on one with a student even after school.  There must be discipline in a classroom, but fun is important too!  Students immediately know if a teacher is not prepared or organized.  Parental involvement can be an important tool.

     My job as an educational aide is to always help the student.  By giving help to the teacher, I feel I am  indirectly helping students also.  Some of my duties as an aide include the following:



  •   Preschool/Begindergarten aide                 

        4th grade classroom aide

        Title I aide for 2nd and 3rd grade

        Multi-Purpose Room supervisor

        Lunchroom supervisor

        Recess duty                         


        Substitute teacher                  




     My immediate goals are to become more computer literate.  The fourth grade class this past year had their Social Studies book on an internet site. I see this happening more and more in the future.  However, I hope students wonít learn to depend too heavily on computer helps such as Spellcheck and Grammarcheck.  Hopefully, I can be flexible to the needs of students and be involved in hands-on activities.  I feel itís important to keep the lines of communication open between teachers and aides to monitor individual studentís progress.  There are sure to be more training workshops for aides and new ideas presented.